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Statistics Discussion Essay

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1. Gallup Poll
A Gallup poll is one of our national polls and being this is an election year, can be seen regularly in regard to our presidential candidates. To clarify, Johnson and Bhattacharyya (2010), authors of our text Statistics: Principles & Methods, state that a Gallup poll “produces estimates of the percentage of popular vote for each candidate based on interviews with a minimum of 1500 adults” (p. 4). The latest Gallup poll I found was from gallup.com which is currently tracking our candidates.
Here are the results from today’s poll.
Apr 2-6, 2012 – GOP ballot support periodically updates general election trail heats such as:  

Gingrich 10% +1
Paul 11% -1
Santorum 26% +1
Romney 41% -
Other 2% +1

Santorum 43% -6
Obama 51% +5

Obama 49% +2
Romney 45% -2

According to Newport, Saad and Moore (1997) Gallup polls, particularly this one is conducted by reaching 1,000 people by telephone. As stated by them:
Strickly speaking the target audience is all adults, aged 18 and over, living in telephone households within the continental United States. In effect, it is the civilian, non-institutionalized population. College students living on campus, armed forces personnel living on military bases, prisoners, hospital patients and other living in group institutions are not represented in Gallup’s “sampling frame.” (Newport, Saad & Moore, 1997).
As for the population that is left over after removing those mentioned above, according to Newport, Saad and Moore, the next step is for Gallup to get a digital list of all remaining phone numbers.   This is where a computer utilized a method known as “Random Digit Dialing” (RDD) generates numbers to be called. As started in their website, “In essence, this procedure creates a list of all...

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