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Stem Cells Essay

  • Submitted by: ismet123
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ardian Berisha
10:00 o’clock class

                        Stem Cells

Stem cells are black cells that have the ability of developing in different types of cells. A Stem Cell can be separated to create a new copy of it self and it can also differentiate to a new cell type that can be more specialized. They can be acquired in two ways that are used to obtain embryos. There have been many issues about using the embryonic stem cells. As we explained these stem cells can sometimes save our lives, but there is also another debate regarding these cells. To isolate embryonic stem cells, the first embryo has to be ruined. In religion this means ruining a   human life or in other words is called murder. But there is also the other type of people who think that this is not called “ruining” human life but saving people’s lives. There are a lot of   But on the other hand embryonic stem cell research can lead the whole world in to the discovery of new medical treatments that would treat so many diseases and make it possible and able to get off the pain. In the end it is still not known which principle should be priority. However, the moral problem is not the only one regarding stem cells but there is also one technical problem. By transplanting stem cells, they can spread in our body and there is variety of tumors than can be created by using them.
In conclusion, even though it is still not considered if we should use them or not, they are becoming a very important discovery in science. These stem cells can be used to relief pain and cure patients from different deadly diseases that are reducing human race every day that passes by, so their use may become valid with the passing of time.

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