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Stereotypes Essay

  • Submitted by: momolisa
  • on January 5, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Mariam Parvez Sheikh
Sheheryar Sheikh
SS100 Writing and Communication
23rd October, 2012
Stereotypes exist because they are grounded in truth
Stereotypes exist because people form a common opinion about an individual or a group of people. Nearly every society in the world is stereotyped; Americans, Africans, Asians, Europeans etc. There are numerous types of stereotypes which are prevalent today, varying from culture, to races, to gender, to nations, to little attributes that belong to a particular group of people; making each of them unique in their own particular way. Although it is believed that some truth is attached to them but stereotypical views are based on the actions of a few people and limited observations, which present inaccurate reflections of reality without solid reasoning.
Probably the most important factor why stereotypes have a weak foundation is that conclusions are drawn just because of the actions of a few people. They are constructed by people who focus on the behavior of a small “sample” out of the total “population”, thus reaching a wrong conclusion. The immoral actions of a child do not necessarily imply that his/her whole family is corrupt. Similarly, on a national level for example, The Pakistani stereotype labels the country as “the most dangerous country in the world” (The Economist) by presenting bank robberies, corrupt businessmen, lack of a strong security system, terrorists’ activities etc as the reasons. Is there any country where bank robberies do not take place? Do all countries have a strong security system? Are all businessmen dishonest in their business activities? It is unfair to label a nation of 180 million as terrorists, violence promoters and “dangerous”. One cannot simply put a whole nation to blame when a small percentage has caused nuisance and propagated a negative image of the country. Conclusions should not be drawn before encountering reality since there are various aspects of Pakistan which...

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