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Story Essay

  • Submitted by: iqra18
  • on October 19, 2013
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‘How many times do I have to tell you?’ I yelled desperately. ‘I tried my eternal best, what else do you want?’ I pleaded. ‘This is your future we are talking about Lauren, you can’t mess with it’, mother explained troubled. Maths really isn’t my thing. Since primary until high school I’ve never got my head around it. Then there was my mother who was a genius at it. I don’t understand how maths isn’t in my genes and everything else is! I mean my skin colour, eye colour, attached ear lobes (not to mention my height). ‘Are you even listening to me Lauren?’ mother glared at me with raised eyebrows. ‘Umm, yeah mum. You do realise it was only a mock exam, not the actual thing?’ Despite my reminding her, she seemed lost in thought and decided to give up on me. Well, it’s not really my fault come to think of it.
After the all-nighter full of studying and revising the night before, I convinced myself at least a D (minus the eating and dozing off in between. Not to mention the instant messaging) But still, was I really that bad? I mean nobody deserves an F!! Not even the lousiest and shortest girl in the whole world. Maybe it was how I suddenly fell asleep throughout the exam. Well whatever, I have more important things to worry about other than maths. If I can’t please my mum with my maths results, maybe, certainly I can please her with my science results. I mean I’m predicted a B in biology. I guess I can live with that, as I am very sure I am going to get that, as I won’t need to go along with the ‘all-nighter’ plan, as I began revising nearly 5 months ago. I know it’s a mock and all, but still. It’s the ONLY subject I can hopefully ace, and get at least above a C on, Mrs Smith is certain!   Besides, it’s not like it’s the end of the world or something, because-
Oh, I just received an IM from Chanel. Which is kind of weird since she never emails me or messages me ever since the mocks started, which was nearly two months ago. Her parents are REALLY strict about her...

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