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Stress Essay

  • Submitted by: SavAsh
  • on January 8, 2013
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At one time or another, most people experience stress which is a term used to describe the way the body responds to any kind of demand.Generally stressed is defined as a pattern of physiological,behavioural, emotional and cognitive response to either factual or imagined (ch) stimuli (ch) seen to be an obstacle to ones achievement or or hazard to ones well being (Martin,2010)

Stressors come in different forms, they maybe physical caused by the fear of a danger such as floods or rape or it can be something emotional such as worrying over a job or family issues. Bernard and Krupat (1994) (gg) came up with the   Biopsychosocial Model of stress which illustrates stress involving external, internal and the interaction of both internal and external components (Landow,2006).

Internal stress is the most important kind of stress, it is when people make themselves stressed by worrying about things they have no control over or allowing situations that they know may cause them stress. In some cases people become addicted to being under stress to the extent of looking for stressful situations and tend to stress about issues that are meant to be stressful (Landow,2006).External or environmental stress refers to the response to a stimuli around that may cause stress such as noise, crowding, family issues or pressure from work. Fatigue and overwork mainly due to working too hard, not knowing how to manage time well or having enough rest builds up over a long period of time. This usually takes its toll on the body and is the most difficult to avoid because many people feel it is out of their control (Selye,1991)-Martin.

Stress does not always carry a negative effect it can help increase performance is some cases. The phrase fight or flight is a common response to danger in all people and animals. When one is afraid that something may them physical harm them, the body naturally responds by producing a burst of energy so that it is in a position to survive the danger by either...

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