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Strikes Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Akyesha Hobbs
U.S History-3rd Period
3 Strikes

“One of the hallmarks of the labor movement, strikes are organized events in which workers stop production and refuse to return to their jobs until their demands are met. The most popular strike demands have historically been higher wages, shorter hours or safer working conditions. Strikes have been occurring in America since the Revolutionary era, but became increasingly prevalent during the Industrial Revolution. Some of the most famous strikes in American history, like the Homestead strike or the Ludlow Massacre, ended in violence as industry owners hired armed guards to break the strikes.”

Threw out our United States history there have been many strikes. All wanting one thing, JUSTICE. Some may not know what a strike is, but a strike is a period of time during which people refuse to work, as a protest about pay or conditions of work. Many may ask Who was involved ? What were they fighting for? What was the out come? What’s the issue and grievances? What was the employers opinion? and How was it resolved ? The history of the American strike helped to eventually create the nations great middle class. Here are 3 of the ten biggest strikes in American history.
One strike was the “Steel Strike of 1959” 500,000 people were involved. The strike lasted 5 months , starting in July ending in November. The whole nation was affected. The steel industry profits were rising high. After a period of time the steelworkers began to notice and wanted higher wages. The two major issues was more immediate one of responsibility in the particular conflict of labor and management, and the general degeneration of collective bargaining between two huge economic blocs. While all this occurred the management was working against the union to lose a contract clause that protected worker jobs and hours. Considering the progress made, the company demand on work rules seems designed more to slow down union activities than to redress...

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