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Stroke Essay

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Running Header: Cerebrovascular Accident Patient Education

Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) Education

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for
ABC Educators Nursing School LVN Program
February 3, 2012

Submitted By:
Theresia Agustine, SVN

A person having symptoms of a stroke needs immediate emergency care, just as if he or she were having a heart attack. The sooner medical treatment begins, the fewer brain cells may be damaged. To understand patient care after a stroke, one must understand the common physical, communicational, emotional, and behavioral effects that a stroke survivor will find himself or herself facing.   Your goal is to find information for the survivor to help him or her to know what to expect in rehabilitation, tips for daily living with physical challenges, communication challenges, and emotional and behavioral challenges.  
Rehabilitation is the key to recovery for many stroke survivors.   However, rehabilitation does not reverse the effects of the stroke. A stroke can affect vision, speech, behavior, the ability to think and the ability to move parts of the body. Rehabilitation is designed to build strength, capability and self-confidence.  
According to the American Heart Association, tips for daily living are: to “learn more about assistive technologies, managing daily tasks with the use of only one hand, and practices for maintaining healthy self-esteem and general well-being” (Anonymous, 2011). Turning to the American Stroke Association (strokeassociation.org), your local public health department, your treatment hospital in-house programs and of course the support groups; will provide many tips for daily living.
Dealing with daily physical challenges for a stroke survivor is to set step-by-step goals.   These goals will need to focus on staying safe as mobility returns, recovering as much independence and mobility as possible, and check and adjust if needed, your attitude and effort.   Just remember the...

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