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Stroke Case Study

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Stroke or brain attack is the sudden loss of neurological function caused by an interruption of blood flow to the brain. Stroke is the third leading cause of death. There are two type of stroke commonly affected among people.

  A. Ischemic Stroke

      - Is the most common type affecting individuals

      - Lack of blood supply to the brain can be caused by thrombosis or embolism. It also may due to a hemorrhage.

      - When the clot is block or impaired of the blood flow, it will depriving the brain from essential oxygen and nutrient.

  B. Hemorrhagic Stroke

      - Occured when blood vessel ruptured and causing leakage of blood in or around the brain.

Basically, the term cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is used interchangeably with stroke to refer to the vascular conditions of brain. Clinically, a variety of facal deficits are possible including changes in the level of consciousness and impairments of sensory, motor, cognitive, perceptual and language functions. To be classified as stroke, neurological deficits must persist for at least 24 hours. Motor deficits are characterized by paralysis (hemiplegia) or weakness (hemiparesis , which typically on the side of body opposite the side of the lesion (cross motor deficit). It is a cross process. The terms hemiplegia is often used generically refer to the wide variety of motor problems that result from stroke. The location and extent of brain injury, the amount of collateral blood flow and early acute care management determine the severity of neurological deficits in an individual patient. Impairments may resolve spontaneously as brain swelling subsides (reversible ischemic neurological deficit), generally within 3 weeks. Residual neurological impairments are those persist longer than 3 weeks and may lead to permanent disability. Strokes are classified by etiologal categories (thrombosis, embolus or haemorrhage), specific vascular territory (anterior cerebral artery...

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