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Struggles of Martin Luther King Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Brittany Alnseirat
October 16,2012
Essay 2

Martin Luther King
Race, is a word that is associated with thoughts, words, and emotions. The color of people’s skin is the first thing that is noticed. Throughout history people have judged and mistreated because they were of the wrong race. A prime example of this is the racial tension between blacks and whites. The force behind this tension is the past. For many years blacks were mistreated and abused based solely on the color of the skin. In Martin Luther King J.R.'s "Letter from Birmingham  Jail", he uses references to the past and people of the past to make his point stronger. The actions in the past and present have affected our future.
Martin Luther King said he was in Birmingham because injustice is there. He was serving as president of the Southern Christian Leadership. He said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. King showed justice by using examples of justice. He and his family had to deal with personal injustice on a daily basis. Also, his people dealt with injustice daily. He had to explain to his six year old daughter why there were not allowed at the amusement park. The burnings of churches and colored folks homes were something the people were afraid to fight against. King showed determination and will to serve justice. He wanted to show the ministers his point by telling stories of what he had to face day to day and the struggles and hardships he has survived. The mental and physical cruelty that the white and the Christian man, put them through. The inhumane and cruelty they have done to the black man and his people. He wanted to show them how unchristian these acts of violence were. Mainly, he told stories of his life to make an example of the ministers to show them what they have done and let them have visuals of the several harsh moments he has had to experience. His people went to jail, their homes were burned to the ground, and they were harassed and hung for the color of...

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