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Student Essay

  • Submitted by: metrahill
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Jametra Hill
Support Group
27 July 2012
Hello my name is Jametra and I am an alcoholic. This popular phrase is what I was first expecting when I attended my first Alcoholics Anonymous group meeting. Through the Texas Tech Human Science website, I found a listing of meeting times. I decided to attend the Lubbock Group which meets every Thursday night at eight in the evening.
I was expecting to come into a small group of about fifteen to twenty people. From what is portrayed through the media, I was expecting to sit in a small group as well, going around in a circle, and telling our individual stories. I thought we would all stand up, do our introduction, and then go through a counseling type session. What I had joined did not live up to this expectation.
In the large conference room inside the Human Sciences building, there were about one hundred people. The people ranged from teenagers all the way to the elderly. I would say that about sixty five percent of the group was males and about half of the group was white. Judging by appearance only, there was a varied of social classes present. Some people were dressed very casual, wearing t-shirt and shoes, while others were in suits and professional business attire. The room was very full by the time the meeting had started, forcing some people to stand against the walls.
As the meeting started, a woman introduced herself and began to talk about the program. She reminded everyone that this is anonymous and that we are all here for our own problems. This was a judgment-free zone. The main speaker of the night then came up and told us his story.
This man began to tell us about his upbringing. His father had a drug and alcohol problem and that caused many problems for his family. His mother finally left his father when he was eleven years old. As a single mother with three young children, he struggled in school. By the time he was in high school, he too began to drink. He said that the alcohol let him escape the...

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