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Student Code of Conduct Essay

  • Submitted by: alexg123
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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August 22 2012
Student code of conduct essay

    There are a lot of things that are important in the Student Code Of Conduct. Many are useless in my opinion, but also many are very useful. One of the rules in the Student Code Of Conduct Book that I find useful is The Rule About no Weapons.Another rule that is useful in the student code of conduct is Bullying. The last rule i find is very useful is assault on a teacher.Those are the Three Rules i find most useful in the Student Code Of Conduct.
First importantly in the Student Code Of Conduct.weapons are very bad things they can injure you badly or they might even kill you.Weapons can also be illegal and you must need a license to use them.Anything can be considered a weapon if you harm someone for example guns,bats,ice picks, grenades etc.This is why i think weapons is a important rule in the Student Code Of Conduct.
Secondly will be bullying. Bullying is a very big problem in America.Tens of Thousands of kids commit suicide every year because of bullying. It really affects another kids life to get taunted and made fun of. Bullying can be considered name calling racist remarks etc. That is why i think bullying is an important rule in the Student Code Of Conduct.
Third & final I think the last Student Code Of Conduct rule is assault on a teacher.Many Students thought they can hit a teacher without consequences because they were a minor , not anymore.Any student that lays a finger on the Teacher & the Teacher feels violated and or assaulted the Teacher can get you expelled.Without this rule students would fight Teachers because of a bad grade.That was my last reason why i chose   assault on a teacher.
All in all there were alot of things to say about the Student Code Of Conduct. One was that if there were weapons allowed on campus.Two was Bullying kills kids & suicide rate.Third & final was 'Student hits' Teacher and Kills her.Those were my Three reasons.

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