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Study Essay

  • Submitted by: rickynguyen
  • on November 13, 2012
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Hello class, in this morning me and Dat would like to present about disadvantages of bribery. As you know, in every country bribery is always to be a big challenge, how to wipe off bribery.
So we have 2 points that will present it :
  1. The definition of bribery
  2. The disadvantages of bribery
  1. For the first, My friend Dat will explain the definition of Bribery.
Dat : Thanks Elen…
so what is bribery? why we   have to wipe off bribery, why it become a Big challenge of every country? Now let’s   to explore   it. in fact have alot of Global Organization to be established to against corruption and bribery as   Transparency International, United Nation Convention against corruption…and of course every   country have laws to against it. For correctly, now I will quotation about definition of bribery from them.
By Transparency International: "Bribery: An offer or receipt of any gift, loan, fee, reward or other advantage to or from any person as an inducement to do something which is dishonest, illegal or a breach of trust, in the conduct of the enterprise's business."
By United Nations: Bribery is the bestowing of a benefit in order to unduly influence an action or decision. It can be initiated by a person who seeks or solicits bribes or by a person who offers and then pays bribes…
Bribery is probably the most common form of corruption known….

The "benefit" in bribery can be virtually any inducement: money and valuables, company shares, inside information, sexual or other favours,entertainment, employment or, indeed, the mere promise of incentives. The benefit may be passed directly or indirectly to the person bribed, or to a third party, such as a friend, relative, associate, favourite charity, private business, political party or election campaign.
The conduct for which the bribe is paid can be active: the exertion of administrative or political influence, or it can be passive: the overlooking of some offence or obligation.
Bribes can...

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