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Study Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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The Tragedy of Firmin

Firmin is a tragedy. Tragedy means A play dealing with tragic events and

having an unhappy ending or An event causing great suffering, destruction, and

distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe. Usually that's

happen with human but this is a rat story Firmin by Sam Savage and people

doesn't like him a lot but he is intelligent and knowledgeable person. This is a

really interesting book.

Surprisingly Firmin act like a human and he loves humans. Firmin has

connections to humans and he gets too attached to norman. He had a dream

that he and norman dancing and he feels to close with norman. When he see

that Noman is sad and he is crying Firmin try to make him feel better. He jump

out from the balloon and try to touch his body so he can feel that he is not alone

but norman put the rat poison in his ballon and then he got really sick. Noman

left him alone. Firmin is trying to find someone who love him and take care of


 ”It was nearly dark when I saw them coming, two women and a little girl
between them, walking up from Arlington Street. They were wearing nice clothes
and had shiny shoes. Above the girl’s head the women’s hand were talking. I
was sorry that I had not spent more time studying the dictionary so that I could
understand what the hands were saying. My heart was pounding. I worried
about my weakness, that in my fear and excitement I was going to faint. I
watched as they came closer, and when they were close I rushed out into the
middle of the walk, and my paws said ‘good bye zipper’ I tried to shout it by
making my gesture as violent as possible. Good bye zipper. Good bye zipper.
Absurdly, I tried to heighten the effect by squeaking as loud as I could. I could
tell that I was getting through. The women and the girl had stopped and all three
were staring open mouthed.” Firmin try to use sign language but that still doesn't...

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