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Studying Tips and Strategies Essay

  • Submitted by: zans1016
  • on October 20, 2013
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Section 1
Memorization and preparation comes easier to some people while others struggle with it. According to author, Laura King, the easiest way to remember or memorize subjects and content is to make it meaningful to you. This way, it’s easier to make a connection with the subject content and in a way makes the content matter.   Like most things in life, in order to get good at something is to practice it. So it helps to exercise your brain by repeating or rereading what you want to remember.
The process in which memory works is first to organize, encode, rehearse, and then retrieve. In order to begin, it helps to be organized with what you are trying to study. This includes taking the time to review your notes and information throughout a course, and not just the night of studying, to ensure that all the information you have compiled is accurate. There are different organizational strategies and techniques, and it’s important to find what works for you, whether it includes using an outline, a graph, or whole summaries of paragraphs of notes. The next step would be encoding. Encoding basically means memorizing. This step includes staying focused on the subject matter and making connections that matter to you, in order to better remember it. For some people, tying in images to certain subjects or vocabulary words, help them to remember more easily. Encoding works best if it is started early on and done often.
Rehearsing is the step where going over the material multiple times helps increases the chances of you remembering it. This could include re-reading the material or re-writing it. This step also includes testing yourself, by asking yourself questions, or trying to teach someone else what you have learned.
Now all the preparation and hard works comes down to retrieving the information you memorized. The use of retrieval cues, such as using the same setting while studying, can help your brain remember what you studied. It also helps to stay calm and...

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