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Suicide Awareness Essay

  • Submitted by: simmons1
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Suicide Awareness" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Thirteen Year old Johnny Dies.   How?   Suicide.   Every day you see it on the

news.   Kids being bullied, even to the point of suicide.   In these difficult times, it is

sometimes hard to build friendships. One drawback our community has is bullying.   We

see it in our schools, recreation centers, even at people's jobs. It takes many forms, but

can be nullified with everyone pitching in and working to build more good will. Another

way to help make our community better is by using the Rotary 4-Way Test to build

communities and build continents.

The first way to prevent bullying is to find out why someone is being bullied.   A

lot of kids are bullied for being smart, being in band, or even just wearing glasses.   These

smart kids may some day be the boss of the   bully, so it would be in the bully's best

interest not to make fun of smart people.

The second way to prevent bullying is to find out why bullies are bullying people.  

They may not have a good home that they are being raised in. If so, then foster homes are

everywhere in the community. Foster homes may provide the first option to bullies who

aren't raised properly.   Communities around the world have foster homes to take care of

the orphans, the mistreated and trouble children. At schools, there are guidance

counselors who are willing to listen to the bully and to help them work through their

problems. Also guidance counselors are a good source of help in children's lives.   They

will try to help you and even help the bullies become friends with the bullied.   One teen

who had a muscle disorder was bullied by some other kids his own age.   Over time, when

he didn't rise to the bait, the kids quit bullying him. Now, after the new medicine and

technology used to help him, he is friends with many people including some of his former

bullies.   These are reasons that putting an end to bullying will build good will and better...

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