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Summer Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Q: Prologue:   What is Yali’s question? Restate the question in Professor Diamond’s words or your own words.
A: Yali’s question was simply, “Why is it you white people developed so much cargo, but we black people had little cargo of our own?” While many people gave answers to his concern, the answer he was looking for was the geological difference between white and New Guinean people, causing germs to react differently to the black people.
Q: Chapter 3:   How does Pizarro’s capture of Atahualpa explain why Europeans colonized the New World instead of Native Americans colonizing Europe?
A: Pizarro had to capture Atahualpa instead of Native Americans Colonizing Europe because his groups had more advanced technology to overcome Atahualpa’s number of warriors. The Native Americans didn’t have nearly enough technology to build boats, armor or gun so they could not travel and conquer Europe, while the Europeans did have the technology, which lead to the Inca’s defeat and ultimately the capture of Atahualpa.
Q: Chapter 4:   How did the availability of domestic plants and animals explain why empires, literacy, and steel weapons developed earliest in Eurasia?
A: The availability of domestic plants and animals explains why empires, literacy, and steel weapons developed earliest in Eurasia because people can settle in permanent homes and grow crops and care for animals, causing there no longer a need to be a hunter and gatherer. People didn’t have a need to hunt every day since they could conserve their food. People started to take on hobbies since they had a lot of free time and so they developed more jobs. On the other hand, other places were skeptical about become farmers so they stayed as hunters and gathers which kept their technology from advancing.

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