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Summer Reading Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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In the articles, “A Marriage Gone Missing” by Amy Gutman and “The Avengers” by Marilyn Stasio, two critics give their thoughts and insights on the novel, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. In Gutman’s article she continually supports the thought that this book “for all its strengths, this isn’t a book for those inclined to true-to-life fiction” (Amy Gutman, I Marriage Gone Missing). On the other hand, Stasio writes, “Gillian Flynn’s latest novel of psychological suspense will confound anyone trying to keep up with her quicksilver mind and diabolical rules of play” (Marilyn Stasio, The Avengers). Both reviews address author style and agree on the effective and mind boggling game it plays with an audiences head, however, the authors of these passages point out two different things that make it most effective. In this case, I believe both are correct in their reasoning for their choice.
To address her thesis, Gutman begins by explaining herself after the previous quote. “Flynn has no qualms about shaping reality to suit the needs of her high-wire plot” Gutman acknowledges. No matter whether the audience can handle her next twist or not Flynn will do it no matter if it makes her sound “cartoonish” or not. Brave, but to some over the top, Gutman makes the assertion that though the novel can be exceptional to others it has qualities that can “turn off” others.  
Stasio supports her thesis that Flynn’s novel is continuously playing with the audience’s minds by showing how the author Gillian Flynn is able to affect her characters, which in turn affects her audience. First, Stasio depicts each character’s point of view to show the complex inner workings of the author’s “diabolical rules of play”. Stasio begins by discussing the main man of the story Nick, who once a “distressed husband” transforms into a suspected murderer before the audience’s eyes because of his wife’s sudden disappearance. Then, the critic explains the viewpoint of the wife, Amy through “giddy diary...

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