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Sun Zi Art Of War 6 Grounds Essay

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6 Kinds of Grounds
According to Sun Zi, there are 6 types of grounds. These identified grounds are as follows:
• Communicative Ground
• Entrapping Ground
• Indifferent Ground
• Constricted Ground
• Key Ground
• Distant Ground
The first type of ground identified by Sun Zi is the ‘communicative ground’. Communicative ground refers to areas easily accessible to me and the enemy. This ground is also sometimes referred to as the accessible ground. The wise thing to do is to occupy a high and sunny position to get an easier view on the supply routes of the food and rations. Since this area is easily accessible to both parties waging war, the priority is to gain the area faster than the enemy. In this way, advantages in battles can be gained.

The second kind of ground is the ‘entrapping ground’. Entrapping grounds, also known as entangling grounds, are dangerous for any unprepared armies. One can easily launch an attack and capture the unprepared enemy in an entrapping ground. However, the situation can be a tricky if the enemy is well-prepared. In this case, the attacking party will not be able to defeat the enemy easily. To make matters worse, retreating is not an easy task in this type of ground, putting the attacking party in a disadvantageous position.

The third ground is the ‘indifferent ground’. In indifferent grounds, one should be cautious about glaring advantages in the ground. This is due to the reason that these ‘advantages’ might possibly be baits. In this type of situation, no party will gain by making the first move. The focus is to make the enemy to attack first. In any case where the enemy throws in a bait, one should be wise enough to avoid it. One should pretend to retreat with the intention to lure the enemy out. Once the enemy troops are lured out, it is the time to attack.

The fourth ground is the ‘constricted ground’. Constricted ground is also referred to as narrow passes. The strategy for the constricted ground is simple: arrive...

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