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Super Penguin Essay

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Super Penguin Santa Polly!!!

Once upon a time..... There was a penguin named Polly. Polly the penguin. Now Polly was just turning 10 and his dad wanted to show him around the south pole. They started to go around and a walrus came and ate Polly’s dad. Polly started to run for his life. He stopped when he heard the walrus scream. Polly then turned around to see........   PATRICK THE POLAR BEAR!!!!! He was defending Polly. Patrick fought on the walrus until it ran away. After the walrus left Polly went to go talk to Patrick. "(Sniffle) Thank you so much mister...."
"Ah, it was nothing little buddy. Are you hurt?" Asks Patrick.
"I’m fine, (breaks out crying) but it got my dad!"
That’s when Patrick decided that he would raise Polly as his own He picked Polly up and took him to his cave.


Polly and his bear father Patrick are walking to the South Pole for Polly's 20th birthday. They got to the pole without any trouble and that’s when they witnessed the most amazing sight. Everyone had been wrong all these years. Santa did not have his workshop in the north pole. It was in the south! All the elf’s started to sing about how wonderful it was to work as a elf and giving kids great joy. Then came the best part, Santa walked out of his house and went to talk to Polly but as Santa walked up to Polly, Polly noticed something odd about Santa.
"DAD!?" Screams Polly with confusion and excitement.
"(Majestically) Yes son. There is something I must tell you. I didn't die that day so many years ago. I was chosen."
"Chosen for what dad?" asks Polly
"Chosen to be the next Santa Claus"


"See, when the walrus killed me, he took my spirit and left my body. Then the Santa from before told me my destiny and sent me here."
All of a sudden a magical warm hole opened up "Now son! Go SAVE THE WORLD!
"Where am I?" asked Polly. He looked around, There was...

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