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Superior Sunken Class vs. Inferior Noble Caste Essay

  • Submitted by: UnScenePunx
  • on September 20, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Superior Sunken Class vs. Inferior Noble Caste" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Jessica Sarley
Prof. Michael Brillman
EUH 4542
21 March 2012

Superior Sunken Class vs. Inferior Noble Caste
The society of Victorian Britain appears to have placed an incredible amount of
emphatic importance upon the ideas that defined class and status.   One's social-standing within the eyes of their peers (whether they were superior or inferior) was based on familial economic stability and an inherited (or cultivated) family name.   This superficial standard that measured a person's worth was taking place throughout the entirety of the British Empire.   David Cannadine's book ORNAMENTALISM How the British Saw Their Empire, is the first published work which eloquently explains how this - new, different and quite extraordinary - theory of societal interactions is applicable on an individual and empiric level during Britain’s hegemonic period of Imperialism.   Within the first chapter of Cannadine's book, his thesis begins to take full shape as he explains how the British people at home and abroad saw and understood their society:
Far from seeing themselves as atomized individuals with no rooted sense of
identity, or as collective classes coming into being or struggling with each other,
or as equal citizens whose modernity engendered an unrivalled sense of
progressive superiority, Britons generally perceived of themselves as belonging
to an unequal society characterized by a seamless web of layered gradations,
which were hallowed by tine and precedent, which were sanctioned by tradition
and religion, and which extended on a great chain of being from the monarch at
the top to the humblest subject at the bottom.   That was how they saw
themselves, and it was from that starting point that they contemplated and
tried to comprehend the distant realms and diverse society of their empire (4).
In comparison to the social-construct emphasized by Rudyard Kipling, Cannadine's
thesis is somewhat shocking.   In fact, Kipling's poem, The White Man's Burden, seems...

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