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Supplementary Bonding Essay

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  • on August 9, 2015
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equipotential bonding
by Mark Coles
Questions relating to the
requirements for
equipotential bonding are
frequently asked; a very
common one is where
should it be installed.
This article looks at the
requirements for
supplementary equipotential
bonding in BS 7671:2008,
where supplementary
equipotential bonding
should be installed and
offers help on the process of
Firstly it is important that
the terminology is correct.
Earthing and bonding are
two different concepts yet the
terms are often used together.
Once we have established
that "earth-bonding"* is
a nonsensical expression and
should never be used, we
can look at the requirements
of supplementary
equipotential bonding in
BS 7671:2008.

*Earthing and bonding
are two separate concepts
Connection of the exposedconductive-parts of an
installation to the main
earthing terminal of that
An example of earthing is
where the metallic outer-case
of a class I appliance is
connected by the circuit
protective conductor to the
means of earthing
providing a safe path
for fault or high
leakage/high protective
conductor currents.
Electrical connection
maintaining various
and extraneous-conductiveparts at substantially
the same potential.
There are two types of
equipotential bonding

IET Wiring Matters | Summer 08 | www.theiet.org

Courtesy of Yorkshire Water

concepts were introduced
and many existing practices
were expanded or enhanced one of those being
supplementary equipotential
bonding. To a great extent,
the 15th Edition was based
on CENELEC harmonised
documents (HDs) (more so
now with the introduction of
the 17th Edition).

Main protective bonding
conductor Used to connect
such as a metallic water
pipe, to the main earthing

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