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Supply Chain Essay

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The most important and foundations elements of supply chain management are: supply, operations, logistics, and integration (SOLI). Basically, applying a better supply strategy inside a business means reducing supply bases and enhancing the partnership with suppliers by achieving long-term relationships. Supplier management is the key to achieve those objectives. Through regular supplier evaluations and certifications of quality performance, the focal firm determines the suppliers’ capabilities and certifies that its business is linked with proper companies. In addition, global strategic partnerships assure that business around the world are analyzed and integrated inside the firm’s supply chain. Indeed, this approach not only aligns the proper suppliers with its production, but also its customers as well. Considering the current concern about the extinction of natural resources as a global issue, emphasizing relationships with ethnical and sustainable businesses seems to increase the firm’s reputation and also contributes to a cost reduction and higher profits.
The second important foundations inside the SCM concerns operations issues. When a firm applies demand management into its operations, it is reducing its costs by improving the forecast of seasonal demand. Moreover, the use of material requirements planning (MRP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) supports inventory visibility and management inside and outside the focal firm. Therefore, first-tier suppliers and customers can plan their needs more precisely and quickly. Just-in-time production, or simply lean production system, adopts the production by demand, assuring a better product quality, and reducing inventory levels and delivery speed. However, to guarantee these performances, Six Sigma quality measures must be applied to all production processes (TQM) in order to perfect the entire production system, from supplier to end customer.
The logistics elements are related to improve customer...

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