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Survey on Pervasive Computing Essay

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A Survey on Pervasive Computing
Er. Manita Gorai
Abstract— this paper discusses the emerging field of pervasive computing which implements the information and communication technologies of daily life. It aims to make life simple by using various tools, which easily manages the information. It focuses on any one any where, at all time concept. It first examines the relationship of this field to its predecessors which are distributed system and mobile computing. Its main focuses on effective use of smart spaces, invisibility, localized scalability, and uneven conditioning. Next, it demonstrates different hypothetical pervasive scenarios which are used to iden-tify the key capability missing from today’s system.    

Keywords— Distributed Systems, Mobile Computing, Pervasive Computing, Example Scenarios, Drilling Down
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1 INTRODUCTION                                                                      
‘‘The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.’’ So began Mark Weiser’s seminal 1991 paper [44] that described his vision of ubiquitous computing, now also called pervasive computing. The essence of that vision was the creation of environments saturated with computing and communication capability, yet gracefully inte-grated with human users.

The goal of this paper is to understand the challenges in com-puter systems research posed by pervasive computing.   The beginning is by examining its relationship to the closely-related fields of distributed systems and mobile computing. Next, there is a sketch of two pervasive computing scenarios, and ask why they are fiction rather than fact today. To preserve focus on computer systems issues, avoid digressions into other areas important to pervasive computing such as human-computer interaction, expert systems and software agents.
Two distinct earlier steps in...

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