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Sustainability Essay

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• Define sustainability and sustainable development. What is a sustainable society?
Sustainability is the practical goal toward how we interact with the real world should be working. Sustainable development is a form of development or progress that “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainable society is a society in balance with the natural world, which goes on for generation after generation, reducing its basic resource by surpassing sustainable yields nor creating pollutants in excess the capacity of nature to absorb them (Wright, 2011).
• It is essential to transition to a sustainable civilization. What are the major points to transition to a sustainable future?
The major points are: (1) A demographic transition from a continually increasing human population to one that is stable; (2) A transition of resource to an economy that is not possessed with growth, but instead depends on the income of nature and protects ecosystem capital from depletion; (3) A transition of technology from pollution-intensive economic production to processes that are environmental friendly; (4) A transition of a political/sociological background to societies that takes hold a “stewardly” and just approach to the needs of people and gets rid of large scale poverty; (5) A present community transition “car-dominated” urban sprawl of developed countries to the smart growth concepts of settlements that are smaller and functional and more cities that are livable (Wright, 2011).
• Describe one environmentally friendly project that has occurred in your local area? Why is it good for the environment? A project that is going on in our area is a vast recycling project. We are recycling bottles, paper, plastic, and Christmas trees. By recycling, we protect the environment from gas emissions, helps keep our waters clean, preserve our natural resources, and it saves the world energy.
Wright, R. T. (2011)....

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