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Swag Essay

  • Submitted by: heynod
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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11th Grade AP English

Antigone Test

In the play Antigone Creon view on women was one of inferiority. The first example of how Creon feels about women is also a fault of his character. Creon changes the tone of the argument from one of laws to not losing to Antigone. Another example the play articulates is the scene with his son Hammos and talking about how women should not speak out of place. While Antigone’s view of women and men is on an equal playing field. Antigone does not care about the gender all Antigone wants is the proper burial for her brother. For she states in the text that if she loss a husband she’d find a new one, if she lost her children she would be able to have others but she is not able to have another brother, because her parents are dead. This quote depicts that Antigone’s love for her brother transcends the death of a husband and even the loss of her children and Antigone values the relationship of blood ties far greater than the ties of citizenship. While Creon cares about the ties of family and blood he cares more about the ties of citizenship. When Creon states in the play Antigone that the war is over and he’ll lead the people of the city back into glory he shows that he wants to be a leader and lead over the town and cares about each citizen doing their job.

The role that the character Tiresias serves in the play Antigone is one of realization for Creon to notice the decree he made about Antigone is wrong. Although Tiresias never states that Antigone was right Tiresias does indeed talk about The Great Miasma that Creon has cause over the city by not burying the body. Tiresias notices the miasma due to the fact that the gods were not taking his offerings. Tiresias never said that Antigone was right, but the realization of Creon knowing that he was wrong and that he lost his family showed that Tiresias prophecy bought attention to the reality that Creon was indeed wrong.

The last passage is very telling of the plays...

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  • Submitted by: heynod
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 771 words
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