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The Impact of Human’s Activities to the Ecosystem[pic]

1. Soil erosion

    • occurs when the upper fertile layer of soil is blown away by wind or drained   away by rain water.

    • area becomes bare and infertile.

    • landslides occurs

2. Flash Floods

    • occurs when heavy rain falls for a long period of time.

    • cause destruction of crops and properties.

3. Deforestation

    • clearing of land for agriculture, shifting cultivation or building dams.

    • cause soil erosion, climatic change and global warming.

    • extinction of flora and fauna.

4. Pollution

    • any physical, chemical or biological changes in the environment that will effect the environmental equalibrium.

    • dangerous to the health and well-being of man and other living organisms.


Undesirable change in the chemical, physicalor biological characteristics of nature.


    • Substances that present in an excessive amount in the environment as a result of huma activities.

    • Pollutants have damaging effect on health.

    • They are also harmful to other living organism.


    • Air pollution

    • Water pollution

    • Thermal pillution

    • Noise pollution

Air Pollution

Occurs when pollutants such as dust, smoke, dirt and poisonous gases are released into the air endangering human’s lives and other living organisms.


Water Pollution

Discharging industrial waste, agriculture waste, domestic waste and sewage into rivers contribute to water pollution. Thus, causing the water to be unsafe for human’s consumption as well as endangering the lives of aquatic organisms.


Thermal Pollution

Occurs when excess heat, which is released into the environment, harms living organisms and the environment.


Noise Pollution...

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