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Sweet Potato Pieland Essay

  • Submitted by: Franky88
  • on January 8, 2013
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Utopia Project
“Slice of Sweet Potato Pie”
It is December 21, 2012. The world as we know it is no longer, but it is far from over. Four days ago the earth’s core heated up, causing the oceans to boil and the ground to slowly separate. The continents began to shake loose, merging together and creating a landmass bringing us back to Pangaea. With my Utopian vision in mind, I introduce you to “Sweet Potato Pieland”.
In the minds of most people, world peace and low crime rates seem unattainable. They stand correct. One might believe that law enforcement is unnecessary due to this universal theory of creating a world where every single citizen is honorable. While this ideal situation seems practical, it is not possible. While I would like to envision a society free of governmental and civilian conflict, I have to be rational and accept that there will always be flaws. The government in Sweet Potato Pieland is completely monarchial, where The Spud rules all. There are no states and no borders within this country and it’s citizens are totally reliant on Mother Nature to provide them with all of their necessities.
To the west there are vast regions of woodlands that provide all of the country’s meat resources. The undomesticated animals that inhabit these woods are monstrous in size compared to the familiar mammals that we were once so used to.   The rabbits’ sizes are similar to that of a cow. They can easily feed a family of five three meals a day for three months on average.   Deer and other varieties of “big game” are now the size of elephants, towering over the land and leaving humans to surviving as the smallest living creatures to walk the earth. Because of these changes in scale, a lack of food supply is no longer a problem.
In the central portion of “SPP” there are free flowing rivers and rolling valleys, setting the scene for some of the more residential areas. The people of this land have become hardened from living in the fierce wilderness. They are no...

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