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Swordfish Essay

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SwordFish (Xiphias gladius)

The Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) also called the broadbill, is the only member of the family Xiphias.   As its name implies this amazing fish is characterized by an upper jaw that extends to form a flat, sharp edge sword.   The front dorsal fin is high, short at the base, and curves backwards.   There are no pelvic fins and the anal fin is fairly large.   Both the second dorsal fin and the second anal fin are very small and set back. The color varies from gray to blue on the body and paler blue below almost to a white belly.   This fish lakes scales, teeth and has very large eyes.   Swordfish are very large.   Today, the average size caught commercial weights between 90 to 150 kilograms.   Female sword fish grow faster, live longer and are bigger than the males.   The average life expectancy is between 10 to 15 years.   The swordfish is found in areas including tropical, temperate and in some cases cold waters within a latitudinal range of 60 degrees north and 45 degrees south.   This fish migrates frequently, often moving to warmer waters in the winter and cooler waters in the summer.   The swordfish is found worldwide, it can vary form oceans like the atlantic, pacific and indian oceans.   In the pacific, swordfish appear to move northward from baja california in the summer and fall, they move offshore to spawn.   Swordfish in the eastern pacific generally stay inshore near the bottom during the day.   At dusk, they head seaward.   After sunset they feed near the surface and return to inshore areas at sunrise.   The fish also likes frontal zones, areas where ocean currents collide and the productivity is high.   Swordfish have very few predators.   Orcas, sperm whales, some large sharks and humans eat swordfish.   The swordfish is the main predator of mostly anything it can get its sword on.   Swordfish are carnivores and they eat squid, octopus, fish and crustaceans.   Swordfish often kill their prey by swinging their sharp bill from side to side in a...

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