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Sydney Hail Essay

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The 1999 hail storm in Sydney was one of the costliest natural disasters for the Australian insurance. It caused a catastrophe at the east coast of NSW. This report will include the date, location, geographical process, impacts and assistance of the hail storm.
Date & Location
The hail storm struck the east coast of NSW on the 14th of September 1999. The storm formed south of Sydney and hit the eastern suburbs of the city at the evening.
Geographical Process
It was calm on the day of the disaster but there was minor insatiability in the atmosphere. There were 2 instabilities recorded in Sydney but both were trivial. A weak cold front was moving north along the coast, and moderate precipitation was falling over the Blue Mountains, southwest of the city. The storm cell formed at 4:25 pm AEST to the north of Nowra, roughly 115 km (71 mi) south-southwest of Sydney. After forming, it initially headed towards the coast in a northeasterly direction. The cell passed just to the west of Kiama at around 5:15 pm and gained a 'severe' classification from the Bureau of Meteorology at the same time. The storm moved toward a north-north easterly direction throughout the next hour. It maintained a severe classification but it was off shore. At 7pm, the western edge of the supercell reached the coast and struck the east of Helensburgh. The storm veered northward in the next ten minutes. No warnings were issued as the storm approaches. The storm hit Botany Bay and the Sydney Harbour between 7:45 pm and 8:05 pm, rampaging through eastern suburbs and the airport. It weakened after passing over the harbour. The storm still heads north as no warning were sent out again. The storm unexpectedly gains energy and headed towards a north-northwest direction. The powerful hail storm crossed over the northern beach suburbs like Mona Vale and Palm Beach around 9 pm. It headed back to sea after 9 pm but came back to Broken Bay. The storm shifted off the shore and into the sea at...

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