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Synthesis Essay

  • Submitted by: omarpina11
  • on January 5, 2013
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Omar Pina, Elijah Velasquez, Logan Nicholson
Mrs. Johnson
English 2-3rd
28 October 2012
Synthesis Paper
The writings of the author’s novels express how they view culture, and whether it is good or not. An author’s writing can show the reader a lot about the culture and views from different aspects of cultures around the world. In the following selections: Things Fall Apart, For One More Day, and Lord of the Flies the authors express their views on culture and different aspects of life.
In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe he expresses his background culture by showing his views of the rural villages in southern Nigeria. Achebe was born on November 15, 1930 in the village of Ogidi, Nigeria where his father was a teacher in a missionary school. His parents, installed in him many of the values of their traditional Igbo culture, but were devoted Protestants and christened their son, (Chinua) Albert, after Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. Chinua was educated at a government college in Umuahia, Nigeria, and graduated from the University College at Ibadan, Nigeria, in 1954. Chinua grew up seeing many Igbo villagers being converted from their clan’s belief to Christianity, he saw families breaking up and Chinua saw many clan members commit suicide because they just couldn’t simply accept the fact that their clan was falling apart. Chinua was unhappy with books about Africa written by British authors such as Joseph Conrad and John Buchan because he felt the descriptions of African people were inaccurate and insulting. Most of the novels described the African people as being barbaric, cannibalistic savages who lacked moral understanding to everything and everyone around them. While working for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation he composed his first novel, Things Fall Apart in 1959, the story of a traditional warrior hero who is unable to adapt to changing conditions in the early days of British rule. Just like in his own personal life, in Things Fall...

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