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Synthesis of Learning Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Synthesis of Learning
ECE 353

Synthesis of Learning
      Language is one of the most effective forms of communication that we as humans possess. “It forms the foundation of our perceptions, communications, and daily interactions. It is a system of symbols by which we categorize, organize, and clarify our thinking. Through language, we represent the world and learn about the world. Without language, a society and its culture cannot exist,” (Otto, 2010). When a child is first born into the world, they cannot yet speak or form words or tell those around them what their wants and needs are. Because of this, they have to find other ways to communicate like crying. Even though they do everything in their power to communicate with those around them, it is not nearly as effective as it would be if they were able to communicate via language. If humans are born without the ability to speak and communicate through language, when and how do they develop the skills to be able to talk?
      Along with cognitive development, there are certain themes that correspond to the way a child thinks. One of the most important themes states that the most basic issues about children’s thinking are “what develops?” and “how does development occur?” (Siegler, 2005). This is an important theme to look at when discussing the development of language. How does an infant develop language and the ability to talk? Language is something that an infant has to develop cognitively over time. Learning to talk is only one factor in this development. A child must understand the concept of speech as well. They must be able to comprehend what others around them are saying. They must be able to put meaning to the words that they say and hear. Then they must learn to speak effectively through the use of enunciations and word order and being able to organize their words into sentences. It a much more of a complex skill than it is perceived to be.
      How exactly do children develop...

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