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Take a Stand-The Right To Breath Fresh Air Free Of Essay

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  • on February 18, 2012
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Kendell Jones
January 7, 2011
Mrs. Michelle Griego
Take a Stand-The Right to Breath Fresh Air Free of Secondhand Smoke

Tobacco has become an essential product in the lives of many people. In 1492   Columbus was introduced to tobacco by the Indians , it was thought to have healing effects and the fascination of the product grew continuously throughout the years, Randall (1999). Throughout history, multiple discoveries have been unearthed about the dangers of   the vice, but individuals everywhere still ignore the risk of tobacco products.   Dangers that at one point and time were only thought to harm the smoker.   Discoveries now show that secondhand smoke ( the smoke breathed in by the nonsmoker) is more harmful than firsthand. Smoking continues to be a harmful vice that is enjoyed by many, disliked by others, or tolerated   by those who have been around smokers all of their lives. Smokers have the right to smoke and cause harm to their health, risk possible addiction, religious rebellion, pollute their atmosphere if they desire, but they do not take into consideration the nonsmoker’s rights, their right to good health, a life free of addiction, their religious obligations, and the air quality of those who do not share the same vice.
Research on the effects of secondhand smoke on nonsmokers has determined that nonsmokers suffer the same illnesses as smokers do. Illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, respiratory illnesses such as asthma,   and it also causes fluid build up in the inner ear which causes SIDS in infants, Thompson(2011).   Pregnant women also should not be around smokers because inhaling the smoke from a smokers cigarette can cause multiple ill effects for the both the expectant mother and her unborn baby, Thompson (2011).   Effects inclusive of the illnesses stated beforehand as well as stillbirth   or the baby dying by miscarriage, Thompson(2011). In fact non smokers get ill and die quicker than nonsmokers do! If this is not...

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