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Takes of Passion Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Isabel Allende is an author and activist. She discusses women empowerment, the definition of feminism and its role and importance for a real change in the world affairs -- and, of course, passion -- in this talk. She said she was a storyteller and wanted to convey stories which were “truer than truth” to the common humanity. She wrote stories related to various themes prevailing in the society that interested her and appealed to her emotions. Many of her books were published. She was one of the five women who were selected as flag bearers for the winters Olympics held at Italy, which added to her fame. She was of the view that the athletes who participated in the Olympics had sacrificed everything and each of them deserved to win but it was not just luck or training but a passionate and fearless heart was more important than anything else, which determined one’s victory. Furthermore, she also said that “Heart is what drives us and determines our fate” and that she required the same element for the characters in her books. She said that nice people with common sense did not make interesting characters what she needed for the characters in her book [was] a passionate heart. “I need mavericks, dissidents, adventurers, outsiders and rebels, who ask questions, bend the rules and take risks.” Among the other flag bearers, the other passionate women was a Nobel Prize winner from Kenya who planted 30 million trees and another was a Cambodian actress who fought passionately against child prostitution. She quoted a tale of passion that took place in Congo. That place in Congo was called the Death camp, the reason being the people who were not killed, died of disease or starvation. The protagonists of this tale were a woman, Rosma and her children. She was pregnant and a widow. She was forced by the soldiers to see her husband being killed. A few months later she gave birth to premature twins boys. She cut the umbilical cord with a stick and tied it which...

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