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Tali Essay

  • Submitted by: atalia831
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: History
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In my opinion, the government should break up standard's oil monopoly. This is because the full dominance of oil reduces efficiency. It is mainly because, control is within one Company that different negative sagas occur.
Yes, but in the right way.

Any monopoly will cause trouble for consumers who are trying to survive in a vicious economy. Standard Oil should be broken up, but I fear that the government may try to take control of the oil industry which would also hurt consumers. If the government encourages small oil companies to compete and supports them, it would take away the monopoly without threatening the people.

Yes, Break up the Monopoly

Yes, the monopoly of Standard Oil should be broken up. Although our Federal government has become much too large and powerful, still it's main mission needs to be the care and protection of its citizens. This includes seeing to it that citizens aren't held hostage by something over which they have no control. Most of us can't go out into our backyard and drill an oil well, build a refinery in the garage and process our own gasoline. Therefore, it is up to our government to care for and protect us by breaking up monopolies that allow a very few to reap huge profits while the rest suffer.
Yes we should break the standard oil's monopoly.

I think more competition would be good for vehicles, the Earth, fuel sources and mass transportation in general. When you only have a few hands holding all the oil it's not good. Alternate fuel sources would definitely go a long way in making this a reality. Not to mention that eventually our main sources of fuel are going to expire, which in turns makes it harder on everyone.


They should break up all of the oil monopolies because gas prices have risen too much. The economy is terrible and people have no money but gas prices still rise. It makes no sense. Gas prices should drop. They are only hurting americans more by letting the monopolies stand like they are.

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