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Taqa Essay

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  • on August 5, 2015
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Explain the functions of internal quality assurance in learning and development |
Quality Assurance is an important requirement within the learning process to ensure that correct standards, procedures and processes are not only effective and up to date but also to ensure that learners are progressing at an acceptable rate that is relevant to their skill level.   It is the responsibility of the quality department to ensure that the integrity of the qualification is maintained by continuously updating their information regarding latest versions of standards, legislation, funding requirements and external requirements, such as Ofsted.The IQA should carry out functions that will aid the assessment process, such as Standardisation; ensuring all practitioners are using the same assessment paperwork and are clear of the assessment criteria: Support Visits and Observations; linking assessment between the employer, learners and assessor and providing training and advice relating to work development and personal development, also advising on methods of delivery to achieve timely delivery/achievement: Contractual Updates; providing information and advice to practitioners about latest updates regarding changes to standards or legislation. |
Explain the key concepts and principles of the internal quality assurance of assessment |
There are a variety of concepts that can be applied to the internal quality of assessment but the key to success is, always, planning.   In order to provide a good level of service to practitioners and learners the IQA must have a plan in place to assess the level of delivery.   It is important to ensure that learners are progressing at a rate that will help them to achieve in a timely manner.   In order for this to happen the practitioner must be confident in their delivery and must demonstrate their competence through a variety of assessment methods.   The practitioner must be able to relate to the learner’s capabilities and job role and must be...

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