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Target Essay

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Colorado Technical University

Global Marketing Mistakes

Analytical Article Review
Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
Introduction to Marketing

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
March 20, 2012
Top 20 Marketing and Communication Mistakes

Summary.   Bloopers across the world this article surely demonstrates exactly how a corporation needs to investigate other country’s cultures before making an advertisement for that nation.   The piece provides twenty examples of faults that industries have completed in immoral examination of their principles.

Findings.   Illustrations of global marketing blunders educate that all nations’ languages and interpretations are not the same.   By way of investigation, enterprises must take ethnic variances seriously.   The editorial provides instances of how company’s need to study their slogan’s before they essentially develop the announcement such as “Fartfull” for a piece of furniture and a Japanese company formed a commercial that could completely be interpreted in a perverted way.   Other examples described that a name or slogan in one country is different from another country for example: “Traficante” an Italian mineral water is transcribed as a “drug dealer” in Spanish.   The piece also spoke of how the beliefs are dissimilar in every nation, such as a business sells toothpaste and promotes it to whiten teeth; whereas in that country they chew betel nuts to blacken their teeth.

      I find this article very interesting on how important it is to research other country’s cultures and beliefs.   I find the first sample very funny where the company did not even think about the slogan “Touch Woody- The Internet Pecker” and how out of context consumers could take it.
      Example number 5 the company called sneakers Zyklon and had to withdraw it because Nazi regime means to murder millions of Jews in concentration camp.   Sample seven states Honda introduced their new car “Fitta” in...

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