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Target Audience Profile Essay

  • Submitted by: geniusdevil
  • on September 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Target Audience Profile" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Pillsbury Market Segmentation |
Customer CharacteristicsGeographicDemographic
Psychographic | Canada wideFemale, 30s-40s
All races
Generation Y (1977 – present)
Household size: 2 and more, married/unmarried with kids.
High school; some college or university etc.
Working mother or a house-wifeLow and middle class
Lifestyle: Minimal cooking, busy and active lifestyle
Values:   Believers, who values family moments and traditions
Personality: Gregarious, Introverted(of a family) |
Buying SituationsOutlet typeBenefits soughtUsageAwareness and IntentionsBehaviour | Supermarket, convenienceSituation specific(treat, holidays, convenience)Usage rate: Medium users; light users
Usage status: Current users(including lapsed users); non-users(scratch users), first time users, prospectUnaware, aware, informed, interested, purchaserMinimum effort, special effort(treat, holidays) |

Behaviour Objectives |
TrialRepeat PurchasePurchase-related behaviourRepeat Consumption | Brand trial objective: Obtain brand trial among 20% of the target audience by using sampling and cents-off coupons along with advertising and promotions.
Category trial objective: Obtain trial of RBG among 30% of the non-users.Repeat Purchase Objective: Develop and maintain the use of Pillsbury among 8% of target audience by continued reinforcement advertising, fewer coupons and promotions.We will provide a demonstration of cookie tasting in stores, and a website to give more information on making cookies in order to bring our target audience one step closer to the actual purchase.
Repeat-Consumption Objective:   We will increase the consumption among our customers by showing them how on different occasions like Christmas, Halloween and other holidays, they could use the product. |

In Canada use of refrigerated cookies is not so popular. Out of total number of households that bake cookies, 56% bake from scratch. We want to generate trial among 30% of these non-users to try the...

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