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Task 2 Essay

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Task 2
The current increase in customer returns within the boot division has tripled within the last few months and has caused an increase in cost across all departments within the company. |

Manufacturing:-Cost of maintaining the wear and tear on the equipment to produce the products.-Cost for extra equipment to keep up with the workload of the replacements and reorders.-Need for more employees adds costs such as employee benefits, salaries, insurances, etc. | Customer Service:-Receiving extra calls from customers and causing the need for more employees.-Moral of employees going down due to extra workload has lead to increased cost of turnover of employees. | Distributing Department:-Cost of packing materials.-Cost of receiving and handling all of the returns.-Cost of gas for trucks and labor cost for truck drivers for delivering. |

Marketing/Sales:-Extra need for more marketing to repair the image of the company due to the dissatisfaction from customers.-Costs associated with marketing the company increase. -Sales department needing extra employees to increase sales quotas to make up for the cost of the returns. | Supply Chain Management:-Cost to order new materials for replacement products.-Poor quality of materials means the company must change the way it makes the product to change its customers minds.-This leads to increased costs for better materials. | Retail Stores:-Lose of stores willing to order the product to sell in their stores.-Improper displaying of products giving the customer a false idea of what they are purchasing only to come back and return the item later. |

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