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Tattoo Essay

  • Submitted by: jp0330
  • on September 18, 2012
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Assignment: Tattoo Essay
Due: 10/24/11
The article “Young Adults should not use tattoos for self expression”, by Lizzie A. Encino discusses how young adults get tattoos because they are legal to do so. The author, Eninco, argues that young adults should not get tattooed if they are under the age of 21 and backs up her argument with reasons and examples why young adults under the age of 21 should not get tattooed.   Her reasons were tattoos bring disadvantages when young adults are applying for jobs and affect the lives because certain diseases can be contracted. For example, Encino states, “tattoos are threatening to one’s job, image, and life.” However, I completely disagree that those under the age of 21 should be deprived of getting a tattoo because no matter what one’s age is, tattoos are a source of expression, tattoos can contract diseases, and tattoos will always be criticized.
Tattoos today have become a source of self-expression. People that are fascinated with the art of tattoos, make decisions to get tattoos that have a meaning or represent some type of significance in their life. In today’s society, young adults starting at the age of 18 are contradicted by adults; generally meaning adults make claims that young adults ink their bodies just to be a part of the “hip fashion” tattoos have formed. Yet, young adults desire tattoos that have meaning just as an adult would. It does not matter the age, 18 or 21 and above, tattoos are a source of expression. For instance, tattoos may represent something based upon your culture or even represent someone special in your life. They may reveal a memory or tell a story. Your tattoo may never be understood by others, but that gives you the opportunity to explain. My friend, Brittany Solomon, who agrees tattoos are a source of self-expression, wants a tattoo of a feather with an Arabic quote underneath it. Generally, no one will understand the meaning of her tattoo, but like stated before, she will have the...

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