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Natural Resources and energy
August 10, 2012
Instructor: Allan Bleier
University of Phoenix

Natural resources and Energy
Team A has chosen to do research on grassland and the impact development has on the ecosystem resources. For years humans has affected the landscape for animals in grasslands. Enormous part of the grassland has been turned into farmlands for growing crops and for other resources. In addition people have caused other problem for instance a fire that spread and does a lot of damage to the soil, and grass, and also trees the soils. If the lack of grassland continues to bother there will be no future for the next generation here on earth.
Identify impacts associated with agriculture
Normally, grasslands are unprotected in an endless areas made up of many different kinds of grasses like Cocksfoot. In addition to plants and grass there are massive numbers of animals and many of them with a survival tool to escape from many enemies in their environment. How the enemy is destroying their very livelihood. The destroying of the forest is causing more animals to come in the open lands. Then the grasslands are impacted because of the lack of food source for the animals and the construction for the humans which leads to buildings and pollution. Survival of coyotes (Canis latrans Say, 1823), throughout most of their range, is influenced heavily by human exploitation. Thus the use and availability of cover may mediate mortality risks associated with human activity (e.g., shooting) on the landscape (Gese et al. 1989; Kitchen et al. 2000).
Nevertheless, the balance has been altered by human disturbances for instance agriculture, urban development, impoundment, mining, forest fire, road construction. The streams have been affected by the in countable human disturbances, for instance construction of roads and preceding increases in the stream sediment load that has led to in decreased water flows and higher water temperatures, surface water...

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