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Team Strategic Model Essay

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Strategic Project Management Model
Team Members:
Research Topic:
Violence in the Workplace – A Process Management Issue (Discipline Management, Bullying, Intimidation, etc. / not an emphasis on healthcare)
Core Values:
Teamwork/ Respect/ Accountability/ Integrity/ Performance/ Excellence/ Openness
The team will work together to establish objectives and goals.  Once established, the team will take make sure that each team member understands the objectives and goals.  We will make sure that each team member understands what is required to achieve the established goals and objectives. 
Each member of the team will participate in all phases of completing the project.  We will listen to each other and find resolution for issues.
 Each team needs to contribute to the completion of the project. 
The team will communicate at least every other day via email or Wiggio.  The team will also include each team member in all communication regarding the research project.
We will organize the team by breaking down the project to determine what member will be primarily responsible for.   Each team member should be in agreement with their area of responsibility. 
We are team and each team member is responsible for the entire project.  We all have to be accountable for the finished product.  Although each team member will have individual roles, it is important to understand the finished research project impacts the entire team. 
Each team member will designate times that they can work on their portion of the research project. We all have to be committed to producing a successful finished product.  The team must be flexible with the other team member’s primary obligations (work schedules, family responsibilities, etc.).

Operating Guidelines:
We promote and support a diverse, yet unified, team. We work together to meet our common goals. We believe that succeeding as one enterprise is as important as succeeding independently.
We treat others with the...

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