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Technology Friend or Foe Technology has become so technologically advanced we as a civilization have no clue what to do. It begins with the earliest stage of communication which was the first written word. The first written word was written on a a stone with a caveman, and a chisel now it written on a computer. We must think to ourselves how far we have come technologically it is overwhelming to a degree. Then we move to the movable type that comes along years after the first written word. Just think that years before this it was written by a man with a chisel, communication is being put on a slip of paper and put through a machine to process it. However now just like movable type it evolved to a printing press, a scanner, and then a printer. After movable type we evolve into mass publication was a major technological innovation. Ever since mass publication comes forward as a major component you would never think that, oh we could never improve to something better. Well, through that always clever thing called technology we went from the pass printing of books,newspapers, and magazines. We get the wonder of Email this allowed just as Facebook does today allows to communicate rapidly. Email was the same thing but at the time, it was the best thing of communication since the telephone to allow people to communicate easily and effectively.


However after we move from Email we go to instant messenger, Facebook, and

Twitter. Just think we started out with a man and chisel to movable type to mass publicztion the email and lastly twitter. The main point view has vast the changes of communication has been now we can instant message, chat and get a response back in an instant. In the ancient days it wasn't like that it took days to receive a message, it rapidly improved, and now look at todays standard of communication. However when you look at the entire process of communication, it went from a man with a chisel putting words into stone to an everyday adult,...

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