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Tech 401 Week 1 Individual Assignment Essay

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How management at your company expects technology to improve business.
William Maxey

6 August 2012

This paper will be concerned with how technology is expected to improve business.   It will show how over the years as technology advanced how it improved working conditions.   The paper will also show how productivity was increased.

Active Duty, Army, October 1971 – September 1978
As I have stated I worked for the Department of the Army for 35 years.   Part of that was 7 years on active duty, which was from October 1971 – September 1978.   While serving on active duty during that time frame technology was confined to voice communications and teletype for printed.   Otherwise, as we see on television or movies everything was done in triplicate on a typewriter and mailed to the various commands.   At the time that seemed to be cutting edge.   The Internet was still being developed by DARPA and not worldwide as it is today.

E.I. DuPont – September 1978 – April 1982
During this time period I went to work for DuPont in Memphis, Tennessee and in April 1981 was transferred to the Savannah River Plant in Aiken, South Carolina.   For technology we had word processors and some connectivity between the different offices but not much.   We were still confined to word processors and phone communications.   During this time I was also attending a technical college both in Memphis and then in Aiken.   My first computer class was a programming class using punch cards.  

U.S. Army - April 1982 – December 1987 – Federal Civil Service
My first command was the Information Systems Engineering Command.   At that time we had word processors to write our reports.   Technology had not advanced that much.   We didn’t have Internet connectivity nor did we have email.   Everything was still being done by hand per se and was time consuming.   Our orders were hand written, our reports were mailed.   Even our expense...

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