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Technical Communication Methods Essay

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Technical Communication Methods

    In the field of criminal justice there are a variety of technological tools used to aide law enforcement officers complete their jobs more effectively and efficiently.   These technological tools are a vital part of the job and can help us obtain information quickly and most accurately.
Law enforcement officers have a myriad of new technologies that allow for a more effective line of communication.   Most officers are still use a hand-held portable radio.   This radio allows for instant communication between law enforcement officers on the street and the dispatcher or their supervisors.  
Devices such as the Mobile Data Terminals, Facial Recognition Systems, and Iris Recognition Systems allow law enforcement officers to expand their reach into the area of communications within the field of criminal justice (Monopoli, 1996).   Officers are no longer tied to a desk or forced to conduct hours of manual searches in the hopes of obtaining minimal information on a possible suspect.  
With new technological advances comes an increase in effective lines of communications between departments.   Mobile Data Terminals have given officers the ability to tap into a variety of databases, most notably the National Crime Information Center which allows an officer to complete the suspect identification with minimal effort (Wallace & Roberson, 2009).     This one improvement to technology has allowed law enforcement officers the ability to alert other agencies to the possibility a convicted criminal may have traveled across state lines.   It also allows for faster suspect identification which increases officer productivity.    
Some additional technological tools law enforcement officers have to aid them in their jobs are the Facial and Iris scans.   These technological tools are used to scan parts of the human body and then compare the information received to a pre-existing database of information.   Databases can be updated as necessary to...

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