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Technical Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: Janie311
  • on October 7, 2012
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Function | Physical Characteristics | Parts |
B | A | C |
E | D | F |
G | H | |
J | I | |

The mechanist uses a small stationary holding device called the mechanist’s bench vise to grip the work securely when performing bench operations.   It is essential for holding work pieces when filing, sawing, and clipping. The jaws are made of cast iron and have removable faces of hardened tool steel.   A vise consists of a fixed jaw, a movable jaw, a screw, a nut fastened in the fixed jaw, and the handle by which the screw is turned to position the movable jaw.   For a firmer grip on heavy work, serrated faces are usually inserted. The holding device is about the size of a small grinding wheel and is fastened to the workbench in a similar manner.   To protect soft metal or finished surfaces from dents and scratches, false lining jaws are often set over the regular jaws.   The lining jaws can be made of paper, leather, wood, brass, copper, or lead. A smooth face is inserted to prevent marring the surface of certain work pieces. In addition to the typical vise described here, there are many other varieties and sizes.    
  1. Each sentence was like a piece of a puzzle. Once we stated the device, the next sentence would be to describe the necessity of the device. Then you go in to describing the vise in greater detail, by listing its main components and then describing the various accessories that can also be used with the device and their purpose.
Physical Characteristics: Broccoli raab – also called broccoli rabe, cima di rape, or rapini – is the tender shoot of the wintered-over turnip known as Brassica rapa or B. campestris. With its little broccoli-shaped florets, the vegetable look like a bunch of turnip greens on their way to becoming broccoli.
Parts: Both the leaves and florets are cooked: the stalks may be cut away if tough or left on if young and tender. Broccoli raab has a slightly bitter, peppery, pungent taste and is a favorite or...

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