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Technology Essay

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Below is an essay on "Technology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

 A vacuum.
That's right. A company in Germany sells their household appliances, including vacuums, using images of women in fishnets and men tied up. Do you see the vacuum in the bottom left corner? Look carefully, or you may miss the point of the ad.

What about this print ad for Renova, a toilet paper brand? What's sexy about toilet paper?
What about this ad for an Italian coffee company? Coffee makes everyone think of sex, doesn't it?

And of course what better way is there to sell men's body wash then with a sexy woman, slick and wet, in the shower? This print ad is for Lynx body wash

Who could forget the infamous Paris Hilton ad? Remember Paris in a bikini washing a Bentley while eating a Carl's Jr. famous burger?

There is really nothing to say that can add to this ad. Well, personally, I think they took "Sex Sells" just a little too far

This is a print ad for the Herald Towers Condominiums in New York. What does sex have to do with real estate
Take one of the best selling electronics products in the world. Combine it with sex and create something with even more heat?

What better way to sell one of the hottest video game machines around than sex?

"On my scooter everything has to be perfect. "This newspaper ad is for an Italian scooter company targeting men.

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