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Technology And Communication Paper

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Technology and Communication Paper
Interpersonal Communications/CJA 304
June 27, 2011

Technology is advancing rapidly.   There are pros and cons of the advancements but eventually the people will learn to deal with the new advancements and overcome whatever obstacles each individual may face.   As time goes on and the advancements become more advanced and proven to the courts that they will hold up as evidence they will then be used and people will become more knowledgeable of each system.   As the advancements are becoming more advanced it will continue to raise the purchase price making them much more difficult to get but well worth every penny spent on them.
The Automated Fingerprint Identification System or AFIS is a digital identification system that gets the fingerprint and stores and analyzes it.   The AFIS was originally used in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for criminal cases.   The automated fingerprint identification system is now used for fraud prevention and general identification.   AFIS has been proven in practice and is accepted by the courts.   The AFIS has been around for over 25 years and can be a very costly method.   A form of the AFIS is IAFIS or Integrated Fingerprint Identification System, this technology system takes fingerprints that have been placed in the database by employment background checks to be used by each state to make a criminal arrest (Search Security, 2011).
The facial recognition is being used by many companies and many states.   Facial recognition is when a picture is taken and stored into a database and when another picture is showed it will show people who look the same, with the same facial measurements and features.   This helps a lot with thefts and catching criminals.   The facial recognition technology has come along way in the last couple of years; it can now distinguish a person’s face out of a crowd of people.   The facial recognition technology has also helped locate a person on the “Most...

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