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Tee-Shirts and Tears Essay

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Executive Summary
The Gap faces the challenge of sustaining their ongoing business, under pressure to maintain bottom lines while complying with Code of Vendor Conduct. Their Salvadoran maquiladora supplier, Mandarin has been heavily questioned for sweat shop working conditions. This calls for independent monitoring, among other operation adjustments, that will increase their operational costs at Mandarin. There is external pressure for The Gap to leverage their influence in El Salvador to improve working conditions and social life for the workers.  
The Gap needs to find a way to keep costs down as the operations at Mandarin's plant evolve under the new Code of Vendor Conduct. They need to overcome the challenge of national managers and employee baggage from El Salvador recent social distress from civil conflicts. They must acknowledge the cultural differences and how work behavior is affected because of it. The Gap should intervene providing competent international leadership to rise up to the occasion with new managers and supervisors that may carry the torch. This new generation of leaders need to be well recruited and/or trained to serve under a global mindset that will be up to par with the conduct.

Apparent Problem
The Gap faces a challenge of being held responsible for the working conditions where ever their merchandise is made. Such conditions at their supplier maquiladora provider in El Salvador, Mandarin, have been brought to serious question in recent times. The internal culture is driven by fear from management. Wages are low. Attempt to form unions that will help workers conditions have been met with violence and people being fired. Agreements made between   This has caught the international eye and many advocate for sweat shop conditions to end, while holding the big corporations as responsible. This has raised the need for monitoring human rights in the marketplace in order to ensure compliance Code of Vendor...

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