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Teeee Wasup Essay

  • Submitted by: bt1llz
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: English
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▪           What continent was carved up by the European countries in the 19th Century?
“The Dark Continent” - Africa

▪           What were the three reasons for imperialism/expansionism?
Needed to expand because of rapid growth
Needed better military
Needed more markets

▪           What was the name of Rudyard Kipling poem?

Mandalay, Gunga Din

▪           Name two anti-imperialists:
Gamaliel Bradford, and Mark Twain

▪           Why were they opposed to imperialism?
They were opposed because they believed it violated the credo of republicanism.

Opening Japan:

▪           Was Commodore Perry opposed or for imperialism?
He was for Imperialism

▪           What was his reasoning?
He wanted to spread imperialism to Japan make it a coaling base.

▪           When did Perry sail to Japan?
In 1820’s

▪           What did he deliver and what was the purpose of this?
The purpose was to have a coaling base there.


Purchasing Alaska:

▪           Who did the US buy Alaska from?

▪           Alaska was seen important by Seward. Why?
Gain power in Asia- Pacific region, to expand.

▪           What year was Alaska purchased?   For how much?
In 1867 for 7.2 million

▪           What did critics of Seward call the purchase?

Seward’s Folly

Annexing Hawaii:

▪           Who were the first Americans to travel to Hawaii?
The Polynesians

▪           What did Americans build in Hawaii?

Coaling stations and naval bases

▪           What was Queen Liliuokalani’s reaction to the US Presence?
She was forced to give up her throne

▪           What did the US do?
Built Pearl Harbor there

▪           What did President Cleveland say about this?
Sign peace treaties with Hawaii to use Pearl Harbor as export

▪           Under what president was Hawaii annexed?
President Cleveland

The Spanish American War:


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  • Submitted by: bt1llz
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: English
  • Length: 569 words
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