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Teenage Essay

  • Submitted by: baburishi
  • on January 27, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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At the age of thirteen a child becomes a teenager. Adolescence is the growth from childhood to manhood or womanhood. Some people see this change as just puberty, but this stage does a lot more than foster physical changes. During puberty the outside body changes as much as the inside.   The feelings and emotions that puberty causes can confuse and scare a child .The main mental change of a teen is the search for their identity.
Parents have a big effect on the adolescent years of a teenager. As teenagers go through adolescence they show expressive freedom. Teenagers want to have the freedom to explore new ways of life. It is important for parents to let their teenagers go through all of these changes. If parents refuse to let their children express themselves, they are damaging their childrens individuality.
Most parents think that teenagers aren't old enough to think farther. Therefore, they always make decisions for their teenage children. This may affect teenagers' futures because they will become dependent on their parents and they will not be able to make their own decisions correctly. They neither will have their own goals nor ambitions because everything in their lives would be made up and decided by their parents.
Teenagers need to make own mistakes .The best way to learn about mistakes is to make them. Only when making mistakes can we experience the emotions of regret etc and it is these emotions that we learn to avoid, and will avoid by not making the same mistakes. A parent telling their teenager about these mistakes is not as effective. Therefore, parents should allow their teenagers room to make mistakes. It is only by learning from past mistakes that we do not continue to repeat them, so as long as the parent can see that their teenager is taking heed of their mistakes then there is no need for them to step in and interfere.
If teenagers don’t get to start making their own decisions now how will they learn when they get older. They dont have to...

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